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  • Visa Credit Card

    Amazingly low interest rate of only 8.99% Annual Percentage Rate. So if you carry a balance or if you've been thinking about saving money by paying off those higher interest rate credit cards, this is the card for you! Plus, we'll help you close out those higher interest rate credit cards so you'll have one easy monthly payment.

    No annual fees, fixed interest rate, at least 25 day grace period, ATM access, overdraft option.

    Click here to review our Visa Optimum Credit Card Disclosure and Agreement.

    Monthly cash back bonus of 1.10% on purchases and a low interest rate of 12.99% Annual Percentage Rate. This card provides the flexibility and rewards that you've been looking for!

    No annual fees, fixed interest rate, at least 25 day grace period, ATM access, overdraft option.

    Click here to review our Visa Cash Rewards Credit Card Disclosure and Agreement.

  • Auto Loan

    UMCU offers affordable financing for a variety of motor vehicles. Our easy application process will save you time while our rates save you money.

    • Competitive rates mean low monthly payments
    • Convenient application process
    • Flexible repayment terms
    • Financing for new and used vehicles
    • Loan payment coverage available to protect your investment
    • Easy automatic payment options
  • Home Equity

    Flexibility defines our Home Equity loan. Borrow against the increased value of your property for numerous purposes, including home renovations, educational expenses, a vacation or debt consolidation. Access funds as often as you wish for any reason.

    • Revolving line of credit with limit ranging from $10,000 to $750,000
    • Credit limits up to 95% of your home's equity
    • No annual fee or prepayment penalty
    • Low variable interest rates
    • Low closing costs
    • Easy access to your loan with checks, Visa credit card or online banking tools
    • 10-year draw period followed by 15-year repayment period
    • Loan payment protection coverage available to protect your family, assets and credit
  • Mortgage

    UMCU offers competitive rates, a wide range of mortgage options and an easy application process. Just as importantly, we can help lead you to a loan that will make you just as happy as your new home.

    • Mortgage loans available from $10,000 to $750,000
    • Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans available
    • Competitive rates and closing costs
    • Refinance existing homes
    • Free pre-qualification, so you can shop for your home knowing what you can afford
    • No application fee
    • No pre-payment penalties on most loans
    • Make monthly payments with automatic deduction from your checking
    • Discount points available to lower your interest rate
  • Other

    UMCU offers a full range off additional loan options to meet your needs

    • MY CHOICE LOAN - This financing option is ideal for a variety of personal needs.
    • STUDENT LOANS - Borrow from a credit union that was formed in higher education.
    • VEHICLE LOANS - We will steer you in the right direction when you want financing for boats, motorcycles and RVs.
    • BUILD MY CREDIT - Build a better financial future with a loan designed to uplift your finances.
    • LINE OF CREDIT - Flexible financing can be accessed anytime necessary, for almost any purpose.